Keiran + David – Rutherglen Wedding

Keiran + David – Rutherglen Wedding

Funniest and Most Fabulous Farm Wedding – 02.11.2019

Farm weddings, private property weddings, country weddings with gorgeous people, weddings that go a little wild, weddings full of heart, soul, and hilarity these are my people and the weddings that great photography is made of!!!!

Keiran and David met on a blind date and have been together for three years. They married on David’s family farm, on the Murray River in between Rutherglen and Yarrawonga. They wanted a country wedding surrounded by the people they love at a place full of meaning to them. These two are very chilled when it comes to life in general but organising the wedding was incredibly challenging for them and they were looking for a photographer with a relaxed vibe that would look out for them, help them get organised, point them in the direction of local suppliers, and help them get photos that showed their personalities and their wedding day. In the past, they had photography sessions where they struggled as being posed felt awkward for them. They were very clear that they wanted photography that would capture their personalities in a natural way without a hint of cliche.

I knew from the moment I received their email we would have heaps of fun together and was so excited to work with them on their wedding day….a trip out to the location confirmed that this place did indeed mean the world to them and was the most charming and beautiful location with gorgeous home and outbuildings a small vineyard located at the point where the Black Dog Creek meets the Murray River. The trees are huge and majestic and the river winds its way slowly past this little farm that is steeped in local history.

Watching the weather in the week before the wedding I could see that it was going to be a wet wedding day (here in the country we never complain about rain!). On Thursday before the wedding, I went and spent an hour with the grooms to be and their dog Roxy and caught some beautiful light and images in the early evening as I knew there would not be a sunset on their wedding day. It is a little over and above that took a few hours for me and meant so much to them.

The wedding day was an absolute hoot and a half with plenty of love, tears, a last-minute ceremony location change due to a downpour, a doughnut stealing doggo, and a truly fantastic celebrant who brought the ceremony to life and matched the personality of the grooms and energy of the day, Keiran sang to David, and they performed a spectacular first dance.

David was a professional dancer and has just opened a dancewear store – so if you are looking to update your leotard or find some new tap shoes you can find Mino Dance here

Catering – Taste Trekkers

Marquee – Bourke Hire

Celebrant – Klara McMurray The Funky Celebrant

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