If you like we can start working together on a timeline for the day so we are on the same page and we have left enough time to get the photography that you want. I’m sure you have a basic idea of how you’d like things to unfold, but I’d be more than happy to guide you in regard to how much time I’ll need to document various aspects of your day, like family and bridal party portraits.  If you’d like, I could draft up a basic outline for you to use as a template for your day to ensure we’re on the same page. If this sounds like something you’d like, simply let me know the following:

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TIP *The best timing for these group shots is straight after the ceremony - if the location is suitable - as everyone is there and ready to go. Allow for 30 minutes. We recommend a maximum of 4 combinations for each side. Any more than this and large groups please add in more time. We recommend that you arrange a family member or friend that knows the people involved that can gather the people needed for the family group shots.
Please make sure this person has been briefed on the task and has been given a copy of the list of people required to take part in the family group shots to refer to.
I don’t shoot from a shot list, simply because I would have my face buried in a list trying to check everything off instead of capturing every moment of your day! Don’t worry, I’ll cover all of the major things you want photographed, but is there anything out of the ordinary I should know about? (i.e. are you wearing your grandmother’s garter? Are you writing letters to each other? Are there any gifts being exchanged?) Are there any surprises planned we need to be aware of? e.g. exit from the ceremony with confetti or bubbles, , special first dance, gift exchanges, Russian Dancers etc


Here is a guide for you in regard to how much time I’ll need to document various aspects of your day. These are the timings I recommend to get the photo's we need;

60 minutes - Bride/Groom Prep - details, jewellery, flowers, buttonholes, getting dressed, having a beer or champagne, opening gifts, photography with parents and bridal party members and that lovely sense of anticipation

10 minutes - Ceremony details

20 - 30 minutes - Family Photos (if you have large extended families, it may take longer) we recommend a maximum of 4 combinations per side for this time. In the weeks prior to the wedding we will require the list of combinations and you will need to assign a relative or member of the bridal party who knows all the people involved in the family group shots to assist us to coordinate the family photo session.

30 mins Bridal Party (depending on size)

45 minutes - Bride + Groom Photos 

15 minutes - Reception details

*TIP - Don't forget to take into account any travel to or between locations, ceremony time and duration and sunset time on the day.

*TIP - If you find that timelines are tight please consider adding some more to your budget for a second photographer.

*TIP Have you thought about what you are going to do with your images? Most people don't plan to just leave them in a drawer on a USB but this is what happens!!!! If you have questions about printing options and heirloom style albums please ask Georgie.