Scouting Outing and Mountain Gazing.

A recent 'scouting outing' in search of a location for wedding photography brought me here. I spend a lot of time scouting locations, following instincts and driving up roads saying to myself I wonder what is up here - I also say to myself things like, "I hope I don't get stuck!", "Thank God I have a Subaru!", "I hope I don't have to call Ricky (husband) get me out of this." *insert face with gritted teeth here!!!*

Mount Buffalo, North East Victoria

I was booked to photograph a wedding at Feathertop Winery at Porepunkah in North East Victoria. This winery sits on the side of a hill, is clad in parts by beautiful stonework and is set deep in vines with views to Mt Buffalo. The winery has been given plenty of thought and care and attention. It is beautiful and the perfect venue for a wedding. It was my first wedding at Feathertop and I hope it is not my last!

As I had not photographed at this venue before, I went a day early to attend the rehearsal, see the bride and groom and meet their family and bridal party, explore the area, pop in to the florist to say hi and do a scout for locations. After talking with the bride and groom about their wedding plans I had a pretty good idea of what they had in mind so we could create some memorable photo's that suited them and their style. But even after this I still find that I need to go and take a look for myself so that I have a plan A, B + C up my sleeve and then I can sleep well the night before the wedding day!

I am very easy going and love to have fun but I do take the job of wedding photography pretty seriously when it comes to creating authentic and honest wedding photography for a couple and this takes preparation. *insert serious face with a friendly eye twinkle here*

Super sneak peek of wedding photographs at Feathertop Winery.

Anyway, Mount Buffalo is about an hour from where I live in Rutherglen. I have always loved this mountain - it is different from the others. I love that it sits by itself and that you can see it quite clearly from the Hume Highway between Wangaratta and Glenrowan. It has different shape and form and when you get the chance to see it up close it's giant granite haunches tell some of the story of its volcanic history. Lake Catani is a magical place and I have a small water colour painting of people ice skating on it in a different time. If you can make it to the Horn you will be treated to views that seem to go on forever over. 

The view from the terrace at Feathertop Winery and the hills are bathed in golden glow as the sun sets behind Mount Buffalo.

When we were little this is where we learned to ski and we stayed at the chalet. The outside of the building would be crouched in deep snow and we spent hours romping around the inside which was strange and slightly magical and so much fun. In our moon boots and all in one ski suits we would sip lime spiders in the chalet cafe. A little girl I know calls this Mountain Gruffalo and it always makes me smile.

This all runs through my head as I stand taking in this late summer vista. Time goes so fast.