Time In a Bottle - Wine Box Ceremony

Congratulations Kate + Dale on your recent first wedding anniversary. I loved working with you - it was such a perfect day and such lot of fun! 

As part of Kate + Dale’s marriage ceremony was a wine box ceremony. Have you seen it before? Here’s how it works: Bride and Groom write love letters to each other.  In these letters they have detailed why they fell in love and what they truly admire about the other person. These letters are sealed before they can be read. The Groom made the box, into which they will place the letters, along with a good bottle of wine.  Together they then nail the box closed.  

The idea is that if ever they find their marriage has hit a rough spot, they will bring out the box, they will open it, share the wine, and read the letters reminding them of the love that brought them together and the promises they made to each other. It is their hope and belief that they will not need the box except in celebration of an anniversary (they hope to hold out until their 25th) – but if they do need it, it’s there.  

This may not seem like the most romantic thing to do on a wedding day–to think about the days when things will be hard–but it’s important to the Bride and Groom that their ceremony and promises to each other be realistic.  They know that marriage is hard.  They know it is a lot of work.  They mean every word that they have said here today, and they do not take lightly the words “as long as we both shall live.”


Celebrant – Christine Capewell

Venue – St Leonard’s Winery, Wahgunyah

Music – Time In a Bottle – Jim Croce